Seacoast Company

About Seacoast Marine Construction

Christopher Gentry, who has 30 years experience in heavy construction and marine contracting, founded Seacoast Marine Construction. Christopher has a 1600-Ton Near Coastal License, Certified Commercial (hardhat), Dive Certification, and Maritime Fire Fighter Certification.

Seacoast Marine Construction is comprised of experienced individuals that have worked within the marine industry for over 30 years. We boast a 100% completion record on all projects while adhering to exceptionally high standards in job safety and production. We can successfully provide complete marine construction services by offering the “complete package” as a marine general contractor.

Our services include total marine construction including marina and multi boat slip design, residential and commercial seawall construction, boat dock construction, stationary and floating dock construction, Marine Hydro Geologist services, marine and civil engineering, rock revetments, dredging, salvage, stevedoring and jobsite support.

Seacoast Marine Construction team of consultants has experience, required to effectively deliver the quality services needed for each “site specific project” in a timely manner.

Our Clients Include

United States Coast Guard National Parks Service United States Navy

Design Build Services

At Seacoast Marine Construction, we efficiently and economically develop new construction build designs, as well as existing construction repairs, waterfront structure inspection, and permitting.

We have a full-time engineering staff that are licensed in state of New York, NJ, Connecticut, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. We are challenged with the difficult coastal environmental impacts, wave and ice forces, corrosion, and high structural foundation loads. Our engineering design experience specializes in piers, wharves, fender systems, mooring systems, bulkheads, jetties, rock revetments, and shoreline erosion protection, as well as foundations and geotechnical.

Our engineers have accomplished many large marine facilities and industrial marine projects and have developed private marinas, large volume multi-slip private condominiums, and government applications. Our engineers have also developed special programs to inspect, test soils, and design high capacity tiles and pier designs. We have experience understanding soils pertaining to dredging, pile foundations, and all marine structures.

Our Fleet


• 25' x 14' Twin Screw Tugboat (2015)
• 25' x 14' Twin Screw Tugboat (2013)
• 25' x 14' Twin Screw Tugboat (2011)
• 25' x 14' Twin Screw Tugboat (2009)
• 25' x 12' Single Screw Tugboat (2008)
• 25' x 12' Single Screw Tugboat (2001)


• 30' x 90' x 8' Deck Barge (2009)
• 22' x 80' Deck Barge (2014)
• 22' x 75' Deck Barge (2011)
• 20' x 65' Sectional Barges (Truckable) (2008)
• 20' x 65' Sectional Barges (Truckable) (2006)


• Link Belt 138 80-ton Crawler Crane (2008)
• Link Belt 108 30-ton Crawler Crane (1989)
• Link Belt 98 20-ton Crawler Crane (1990)
• Link Belt 78 20-ton Crawler Crane (1992)
• Junttan PM20LC Pile Driver (2009)

Mission Statement

• To provide our customers with the highest quality of product and services as possible.

• To provide our customers with total satisfaction.

• To bring the very highest level of professionalism, quality, integrity, safety, “on time performance” knowledge and resources to the marine construction industry as possible.

• To contribute to the betterment of the industry and not deter from its standards and practices.

• To progress forward in a professional and business like manner, provide personal attention to each and every customer, and provide quality workmanship.

• To provide and honor the only unlimited 10 year warranty on all our labor and material.

• To provide cutting edge technology, material testing, waterfront design and service.