Seacoast Engineering

Engineering Services

At Seacoast Marine Construction, we efficiently and economically develop new construction build designs, as well as existing construction repairs, waterfront structure inspection, and permitting.

We have a full-time engineering staff that are licensed in state of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. We are challenged with the difficult coastal environmental impacts, wave and ice forces, corrosion, and high structural foundation loads. Our engineering design experience specializes in Piers, Wharves, Fender Systems, Mooring Systems, Bulkheads, Jetties, Rock Revetments, and Shoreline Erosion Protection, as well as Foundations and Geotechnical.

Our engineers have accomplished many large marine facilities and industrial marine projects and have developed private marinas, large volume multi-slip private condominiums, and government applications. Our engineers have also developed special programs to inspect, test soils, and design high capacity piles and pier designs. We have experience understanding soils pertaining to dredging, pile foundations, and all marine structures.