Seacoast Dredging


Seacoast Marine Construction uses both conventional clamshell dredging and provides cutter head dredging with material placement. So, if you have a 65’ Viking or a 200’ passenger ferry, we can dredge it. In most applications, Seacoast can assist in the offsite placement of materials. Seacoast's dredging services include:

• Silt and sludge removal from industrial ponds and lagoons

• Biological sludge removal from waste water treatment lagoons

• Sediment and sand removal from canals, lakes, ponds, and rivers

• Hazardous and toxic waste removal, including low pH lagoons

• Removal and transport of slurried materials to dewatering facilities

• Clearing sediment from waterways, marinas, and dock areas

Wherever you need dredging— a lagoon, a marina or along a bulkhead or dock, Seacoast’s dredge barges can handle your project, big or small. Our senior crew members have extensive experience in all types of dredging projects and will handle your job right the first time.