Seacoast Piers and Float Systems


Seacoast Marine Construction uses a three and four pile bent design which adds extra structural support and defies ice extraction. Cap systems, stringer systems, and rake systems can be designed and contructed for offshore applications (areas with extreme current, tides, winds, or large fetch areas) or for back water applications with less extreme environmental conditions. All of our dimensional timbers are fastened to piles using galvanized timber bolts which are pre-drilled, set, and impacted to insure no there is no checking.

Decking Choices

Decking choices range from CCA, TimberTech®, IPÊ, Mahogany, Teak or Purpleheart, and are all at the customer’s request. All fasteners are stainless steel at a 4 to 1 ratio. Pier installations can include custom handrails, verticals, chamfer cuts, flat rails, 90-degree rails, and other custom features including a nautical rope look, lifeline cable look, and more.

Float Systems

Seacoast Marine Construction uses the latest polyethylene closed drum floatation systems. Our float systems can be built from either timber aluminum or steel framework depending on the application. Custom one-piece Alcoa Anodized Aluminum gangways are also standard materials used at Seacoast Marine Construction.